I work in the field of Science and Technology Studies. My research explores the social, political and policy dimensions of the life sciences. I focus on how science and technology are made and governed, and how these things might done in ways that are more democratic or environmentally beneficial than they are currently.

I have projects examining the role of funding organisations in governing science, the governance and politics of gene drive technologies, and synthetic biologists’ attempts to ‘engineer’ at the organism scale. My research in these areas is often conducted in collaboration with natural scientists and policy makers.

I am currently based in the department of Science, Technology & Innovation Studies at The University of Edinburgh where I work as part of the Engineering Life team and the UK Centre for Mammalian Synthetic Biology. I previously worked in the Department of Global Health & Social Medicine at King’s College London.

I collaborate with academics and policy practitioners through the Funding Cultures Lab. You can read about some of the other people I work with at the Biological Engineering Collaboratory and the Edinburgh Hub for Responsible Innovation.

Interesting things I find are on Pinboard. Sometimes I tweet here. My ORCiD is here and the next link takes you to my Google Scholar account.