Working papers

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  • Capabilities to support responsible research & innovation in European biotechnology,  with Michael Bernstein, Cian O’Donovan and Filippo Cuttica. Preprint available here.
  • Infrastructure for Responsible Research and Innovation: An Appraisal of the Euronanomed Iii Portfolio  with Abigail King; 2022. Preprint available here.
  • An appraisal of Responsible Research and Innovation in ERA CoBioTech’s Funding Portfolio with Rhodri Leng and Thoko Kamwendo; 2021. Preprint available here.
  • Are people who care the key to responsible innovation? Under review at Engaging STS with Ros Attenborough and Michael Bernstein.
  • Distributed Responsible Research and Innovation: Developing a framework for RRI in a multinational funding programme. In prep with Thoko Kamwendo, Deborah Scott and Jane Calvert.

Governance and funding of biology and biotechnology

Mammalian Synthetic biology

Gene Drive, Emerging Biotechnologies & Global Health